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Together we can ignite our youth. We can offer them an experience that drives passion, creativity and freedom in their growth, lives, , and careers. Together we can foster their dreams.


Friends at Camp

Upcoming Events

Who We Are

FindingBlank is a non profit organization whose purpose is to design and structure programs to enhance youth development in the community, as well as curate fundraisers to bring people together to improve identified facets of the community.


Our Vision

To bring people together with a focus on positive outreach programs toward
youth development and curating fundraisers with the purpose of giving back to the

Our Mission

FindingBLANK curates various fundraising events through social events geared towards strengthening communities and putting on positive youth development programs.

Upcoming Events

Become A Volunteer

Its a privilege to give back and to good stewards of our youth. You can make an impact


A Sponsor

Your Sponsorship would mean so much to us. For more details on how you can become a part of our movement contact us for more details.


Or download a packet

Our Gallery

Take a look at some pictures from our recent events. 

We Hope You Find Your Blank

Sometimes a small step can be a huge step in the right direction. We would like to hope our impact will be greatly remembered.

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